Letters to the Editor

Many reasons people don't pay income tax

Mitt Romney has written off 47 percent of our population because they don't pay federal income tax.

Of course, the press and many others, including Republicans, have already taken him to task because the 47 percent includes seniors on Social Security, students, disabled veterans and other disabled people, as well as many working people whose income, perhaps after mortgage interest and other deductions, does not reach $9,750, which is the minimum required to pay income tax.

He also filed to consider that many of the people who don't pay federal income taxes do pay payroll taxes, excise taxes and various state taxes. To Romney, those who don't pay income taxes are "takers" who consider themselves "victims," with the right to call upon the government for help.

It occurs to me that this 47 percent slice of the population might include people who don't pay taxes because they parked their money in corporations located in other countries. Perhaps a lot of us who don't use tax gimmicks and pay 30 percent or more on our earned income could consider ourselves as victims of the super rich, who, like Romney, only pay 13 percent or 14 percent on millions of dollars of income.

The biggest joke is that the largest percentage at least of those people who file returns but pay no income tax is found in six southern states, led by Mississippi, all of whom vote reliably Republican. Poor Mitt: Poor thinking, poor strategy and mighty poor research. Would he make a great president?

Felix H. Kent

Hilton Head Island