Letters to the Editor

Republicans AWOL in real support of troops

Wearing American flag lapels and slapping a "Support the Troops" sticker on a car proves to be a hollow, meaningless gesture if Republicans do not become aware and involved by protesting the defeat Sept. 19 of the Veterans Jobs Corps Act.

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., led a filibuster to defeat the bill. This bill was touted as bipartisan, with plenty of input from Republicans. It was killed simply because that party thought the president and Democrats, who all voted for the bill, would gain a victory. No, this bill was for the benefit of our veterans. Am I mistaken? Do our troops who were killed or maimed and are returning in great numbers with severe disabilities deserve this total lack of consideration by the Republican Party?

The unemployment rate for this group is 10.9 percent, and yet the flag-wavers cared so little about our men and women returning from wars they supported, they chose once again to display their hatred for the president and Democrats by deserting this population. This should prove to all exactly what representative Republicans think of our returning troops. Claiming the program was unfunded is another outright lie. With the election seven weeks away, the Republicans decided their politics were more important than to do the decent thing. How dare they hold themselves up as the patriotic party. What a sham.

Sheryll Ingram