Letters to the Editor

Better plans available for health care reform

For orthopedic foot surgery, Medicare paid my surgeon $1,200 (15 percent of the charge).

For cataract surgery and implanting a special lens in my eye, Medicare paid my ophthalmologist $681 (15 percent of the charge). The anesthesiologist received $82 (12.8 percent).

Let's see, these are physicians with undergraduate and medical school degrees, internships and residencies. They helped me walk, see and remain pain free during surgery.

Now Obamacare will cut physicians' fees by 30 percent. President Barack Obama has arranged to add 30 million people to the rolls, by cutting the doctors' fees. (Under Obamacare, the anesthesiologist will get 8.9 percent of the charge.)

Medicaid "reimbursement" is even less. Can you blame doctors for not wanting to see Medicare or Medicaid patients?

But, hey, Obama says he wants to redistribute the wealth, and we all know doctors are too rich. Perhaps the president thinks they don't need the money.

I am shocked we have any physicians. Why would you go through all that for so little, while being called in at times to deal with emergencies, being a target of lawsuits and having to hire office administrators just to comply with all the requirements?

The primrose path to Obama's plan for health care is filled with thorns.

Conservatives (including Rep. Paul Ryan) have far better plans for health care reform. And if you have only a few minutes to see what could be done, check out the "True Template Reform" plan (one page, 12 workable ideas) on www.americandoctors4truth.org.

Donna Starkey