Letters to the Editor

Blaming Obamacare for coverage loss illogical

A recent letter from an individual who claims he lost his retirement health insurance plan offered by his former employer due to Obamacare makes about as much sense as the claims by those rioting in Cairo, Yemen and Tripoli that the U.S. government created and is propagating the anti-Muslim You Tube video that has insulted their prophet.

In fact, the logic used in reaching these erroneous conclusions is the same, an unfortunate characteristic of many of those on the right with their false claims and lies about President Barack Obama.

In response to the claim that the letter writer "knew then it was another Obama lie," referring to the bill's goal of allowing those with existing coverage to keep it and make it possible for those without insurance to get it. Unfortunately for the writer, those provisions of the bill don't go into effect until 2014. If they were in effect, the writer most likely would not have lost his insurance although he might have lost it for reasons completely unrelated to the bill.

Ignoring facts, science and logic is a common theme among those lesser-educated rioting thugs in the Middle East. It's really a shame it is also infecting those on the extreme right.

Doug Luba

Hilton Head Island