Letters to the Editor

Debate moderators will skew the results

The conventions over, the Obama-Romney and Biden-Ryan debates will soon be televised, with four liberals moderating.

Jim Lehrer (PBS) should have been disqualified since the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is subsidized by millions of federal dollars; Candy Crowley (CNN) predictably will ask mostly loaded questions and Martha Raddatz will toss "puff balls" at Vice President Joe Biden while trying to nail Paul Ryan. Bob Schieffer (CBS) routinely interrupts "Face the Nation" guests if they say anything criticizing Obama, so all we can expect from him is bias. Where is FOX's Chris Wallace? Bret Baier? Brit Hume? Is just one moderate-conservative journalist too much to ask?

White House communications staff share campaign talking points with mainstream "journalists," tweaking their columns while Biden's staff tries to edit unflattering stories, and campaign reporters swap questions to be certain they'll slam Mitt Romney. President Barack Obama only calls on his predetermined list of reporters, presumably to be certain the pre-selected friends ask or skip certain questions.

Election debates should afford Americans the opportunity to hear candidates' responses to fairly asked questions on a balanced range of issues, a challenge given the mainstream media's pro-Obama politics. Obama generally performs poorly without his teleprompter. Given the apparent bias of the moderators, we should not be surprised if Obama gets the debate questions ahead of time. We already know whom the press will declare the "winners."

This is not just a pivotal election on issues; it will mark the death of a fair and honest press.

Sue Brooks

Hilton Head Island