Letters to the Editor

Newspaper key player in critical election year

October 7-13 is National Newspaper Week. Now, more than any other time, our local newspapers are the most reliable way to keep us, their readers, abreast of the news.

This is an election year for president, state and local offices, as well as several referendums on the ballot. We will be relying on our newspapers for information about governmental issues as they come forward, reports on any interviews or debates that take place and anything else important to Nov. 6, Election Day.

Newspapers first appeared in the American colonies in 1690. They became popular in 1833 with the penny paper, the New York Sun.

Now the newspaper is read and enjoyed daily by people all over the world and depended on as the best media outlet available for news and advertisements. What goes better with that first cup of coffee in the morning, and it's even calorie free.

Jean Tanner