Letters to the Editor

President's approach to job too hands off

I have found it difficult to understand why President Barack Obama is so removed from hands-on presidential work.

When he told the House of Representatives to write a health care bill, neither he nor then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi provided any guidance or oversight. It was all written behind the scenes, and neither of them knew what was in it. The result was a bad bill for which Obama takes credit. I'd lay odds that Obama still hasn't read it.

He has not made a move toward responsible fiscal policy or reducing the debt, nearly half of which he created. Soaking the rich would be a drop in the bucket. Furthermore, the Democrats haven't been able to pass a budget in nearly four years. And now it appears that half the time, Obama doesn't bother to attend security briefings. Perhaps if he had, we would have had some preparation for the recent anti- American attacks.

I have concluded that he is just plain lazy. He loves the perks, such as Air Force One and hobnobbing with celebrities, but he doesn't really want to work at his responsibilities.

Marjorie Atkinson

Hilton Head Island