Letters to the Editor

Negative political ads symbol of entire system

With the elections rapidly approaching, I find it very interesting to see how both sides are ratcheting up the negative ads.

Having lived on this planet for only a short 66 years, it's funny to remember that in every election, whether local or national, both sides will stoop to the lowest level to brainwash voters into believing the other candidate is no good and doesn't deserve to be in office. If any of these folks really cared about anything other than their own egos and pocketbooks, we would be far better off, both as individuals and as a nation.

The lyrics to a song that "only in America can a poor boy grow up to be president" went out with high button shoes. Both parties are backed by overpaid Hollywood make-believes, arrogant CEOs, and pampered sports players.

These so-called "for the people" representatives make the laws that they themselves are exempt from.

So remember to vote for the party or person who has convinced you that he or she is the right crook (candidate) to represent you.

Frederick Hahn

Hilton Head Island