Letters to the Editor

Put a new leader in charge of country

Is Mitt Romney soft on women's issues? Although Democrats fight for unmarried Georgetown Law School graduate Sandra Fluke's right to receive free birth control from her Catholic university, President Barack Obama courts Islamic countries where women are buried to their necks and stoned to death for adultery.

Does Romney lack foreign policy experience? In unfriendly Islamic countries, Obama is spending our tax dollars on ads apologizing for free speech, yet he cannot wiggle room into his busy campaign schedule to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, our strongest ally in the Middle East.

Does Romney misunderstand our looming debt crisis? During Obama's appearance on David Letterman, while Islamic radicals burned our flag and effigies of him, the president could not remember the debt he inherited from President Bush, the source of our financial woes according to his administration. The national debt was $10 trillion in 2008. Now it's $16 trillion, a 60 percent increase since Obama took office.

Meanwhile, this administration struggles to explain Islamic flare-ups that erupted on Sept. 11, and caused the death of our ambassador to Libya and three other American patriots. We can't blame Bush for this one. Problems in Libya, Egypt, and other hotspots began under this administration's watch. Then there's Iran and all that nuclear material that we pretend isn't there.

Put a leader in charge of this country.

Deb Welch

Hilton Head Island