Letters to the Editor

Don't punish everyone for bad actions of a few

Hilton Head Island should remain the No. 1 dog friendly town.

Why do some people want to punish everyone for the bad behavior of a few? Walking my dog on our beautiful beach is my favorite thing to do here. The dog owners I encounter take responsibility for their dogs' behavior and often meet other dog owners for doggie playtime.

So a couple of readers want all dogs to be leashed because we have a few dog owners who don't take responsibility for their dogs. Let's compare punishing all dogs and their owners to numbers of people killed by irresponsible drunk drivers. Every day, 28 people are killed by drunk drivers and yet alcoholic beverages are still sold. How many people die because they smoked cigarettes?

These examples are extreme but make the point that we don't outlaw something some people choose to do even when the risks are much greater than being injured by a dog.

For half the year, dogs are not allowed on the beach from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Why can't people who don't like dogs walk on the beach at times dogs aren't on the beach and allow the majority of us who love dogs to enjoy a cherished pastime?

Rebecca Pardue

Hilton Head Island