Letters to the Editor

Movie about Obama should not be believed

A few facts not in evidence in the movie, "2016: Obama's America":

Obama was born and raised in Hawaii, not Kenya.

Obama was raised a Christian, by his mother and grandmother, not Muslim.

Obama met his biological father only once in his lifetime; hardly an influential role model.

As to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright affiliation, if a Catholic attends a church having had a pedophile priest, that doesn't make that parishioner a pedophile.

The moviemaker, from India, was called to task for his total lack of facts, statements taken out of context, and pure and total fabrications. The only fact is that Obama is president.

If you're one of those who actually believe this movie to be anything but a fabricated portrayal of Obama: I own the Brooklyn Bridge, and it's for sale.

Lucien Piccioli

Sun City Hilton Head