Letters to the Editor

Obamacare helps businesses, families

True story: The other day, I was purchasing a service from a small business in Beaufort. The owner, who knew me only slightly, asked me out of the blue: "Do you like that new health law?"

I replied that I did.

His response: "So do I. Maybe I can finally get some health insurance for my employees." He went on to say that he had not been able to afford the benefits that would help him keep good employees working for him; those who tried to buy health insurance on their own either couldn't afford it or were turned down because of "prior conditions" -- one was told he was "too skinny."

Let us remember that America the bold is really made up of thousands of small businesses -- families, really -- that can't afford what the big corporations have: health insurance, IRAs, and so on. They've had to depend on themselves. This new law, the Affordable Care Act (yes, Obamacare), designed to help those who can't buy health insurance alone (through tax credits for small businesses and insurance exchanges for everyone), will help them and us work together to stay healthy and to support each other when we get sick -- and we will get sick.

This small-business owner is seeking a sensible solution to the previously unaddressed health care concerns of his employees. I have faith he cares equally for his customers. Because of these reasons, I'll be returning to his business.

Alison Davidow

Lady's Island