Letters to the Editor

Why Romney can't lay out economic plan

Why won't Mitt Romney disclose his plans for the economy if elected? How can we vote for him if uninformed?

Though the nation is $16 trillion in the tank, our president plans for more of the same with hope for a positive change.

It's a campaign of "more for all" and paid for by the rich. It's hoping four more years of printing even more money somehow works.

Romney's business experience tells him that "more for all" on a credit card is a road to financial disaster. Exposing this folly is, predictably, not popular, and his economic plans depend on Congress.

Romney is aware we can't get the cash for "more for all" by taxing the rich. There aren't enough of them. Romney, already demonized for being rich, has to tell ordinary folks that we can't afford our current spending extravaganza. Romney, truthfully, is telling us that his plans for reforms in taxing and spending will depend on negotiations with a yet-to-be-elected Congress.

In not laying down a specific plan, Romney is being an honest man. Until all the players are at the table, the horse trading cannot begin. Vote.

Peter F. Zych

Hilton Head Island