Letters to the Editor

Music for good cause silences the bickering

It's reassuring to realize, in this heated political season, that it is still possible for people to set aside their political, philosophical and religious affiliations and join hands in a common cause.

Such was the case on the afternoon of Sept. 16, when All Saints Episcopal Church on Hilton Head Island hosted Harmonies for Habitat. The purpose of the musical event was to raise money and awareness for the new community of affordable housing that Habitat for Humanity will be building on Hilton Head.

Seven area musicians, myself included, worked together on the program for several weeks, and never once did we speak of politics. It was all about the music.

From the stage on that Sunday, we looked out on a sea of smiling faces, some of whom we knew to be Democrats, some Republicans and some, I have no clue. But smile they did, and vigorously applaud they did and when it came time to sing along they did so with gusto.

We netted more than $4,000 for Habitat. That's a pittance of what it will need to complete its project, but the good will that was generated that afternoon was priceless. Everyone came away feeling good about themselves, about the event and about Habitat for Humanity.

My sincerest gratitude goes to the clergy, staff and congregation of All Saints for their generous support. My deepest appreciation to the other musicians, and my continued commitment to Habitat in its quest to provide affordable housing for everyone.

Carole Galli

Hilton Head Island