Letters to the Editor

Obama turns nation around

When President Barack Obama took office, our economy was like a huge bus barreling rapidly down hill. Obama not only turned the bus around, he did it while many Republicans tried to block the way.

Since Obama took office, housing costs have stabilized, the stock market has gone up, we are adding jobs instead of losing them, and 32 million more people have health insurance. He saved 1.4 million jobs in the auto industry and private industry has added 3 million jobs.

Mitt Romney has proposed no programs that will create jobs. He will give $5 trillion in tax cuts to the wealthy, thus adding to the deficit. He will close loopholes, thus costing the average middle class family $2,000 more in taxes. He will eliminate regulations intended to prevent another recession.

Romney says he believes in America. If so, why does he keep money in offshore accounts, outsource American jobs overseas, close companies that employ thousands of American workers, and pay less than his fair share in taxes? Why did he want to let GM go bankrupt?

Romney has no idea what it is like to grow up poor or middle class, have a student loan, worry about health care, attend a public school, or worry about paying his mortgage. Romney believes in the wealthy and the big corporations who are trying to buy his election. If he wins, they are the only ones who can expect to benefit.

Linda Pfeifer