Letters to the Editor

Obama has failed to deliver his hope

In a moving speech at the Democratic convention four years ago, Barack Obama asked for our vote. In return for our vote, he would put America back to work, make America more energy independent, and reduce the deficit. It is now time to review the results.

The unemployment rate stands at 8.1 percent, but it is actually 15 percent if you factor in the underemployed and the people who have stopped looking for work, which this president does not factor in.

We still are paying almost $4 a gallon for gasoline, but this president is against the Keystone XL pipeline and against increased offshore drilling in the U.S., which would also create thousands of new jobs.

He is, however, giving billions of our tax dollars to South American countries to expand their offshore drilling programs.

The deficit is now at $16 trillion, and has increased sharply under Obama.

Obama is a great public speaker, but it is now time to evaluate and vote based on results, not on rhetoric.

Thomas Zeleznik

Hilton Head Island