Letters to the Editor

Christian obligations are not religious bigotry

The mark of a Christian is loving others enough that you want them to one day be in heaven with you, so you witness to them about Jesus. Is that being a bigot (which refers to intolerance to beliefs of others) or being compassionate?

On Sept. 8, you presented an article from a University of Central Florida psychology professor, Charles Negy, who stated that the Christians in his class who openly proclaim that Christianity is the most valid religion are portraying religious bigotry.

Isn't he also being a bigot for atheism?

Unfortunately, this country is becoming more secular because of professors like Negy.

He says that it is an arrogant assumption that Christianity is the only true religion. I think he is absolutely correct; we do indeed believe that Christianity is the only way to heaven by grace through faith and commitment to Jesus Christ.

If you believe the Bible is God's inerrant message to mankind, you have an obligation to be a "bigot" to show others what faith in Christ really means. If we are right (and I'm confident we are), we do a great service to others, but if he is right, no harm done.

A.L. Strickland

St. Helena Island