Letters to the Editor

Grand scheme starts with women

Now I see what the Republicans see. They've determined that women are the problem. The solution is pure genius.

First: No contraception or abortion.

Result: Lots of babies, women stay at home, more jobs available for men. More babies means more consumers, which means increased purchasing. This will produce a need for increased production of consumer goods, and increased income for businesses. As production of babies increases exponentially, the workforce grows to the point where Americans become willing to work as cheaply as workers in China, India or the other places jobs are usually shipped, and manufacturing can safely return to America with no danger of lost profits.

Second: Reduce health care options for women, the poor, the elderly.

Result: Earlier deaths for the aforesaid, thereby culling the weaker elements of society. The younger, stronger survivors will remain to do the work and maintain the level of goods and services to which the 1 percent are accustomed. This will allow said 1 percent to additionally provide employment for personal service providers (maids, gardeners, chauffeurs, etc.) if they wish.

Third: the above two ingenious policy moves will eliminate the problem of unwanted immigration. There will be so many workers here that there won't be a job left unfilled, and no immigrant in his right mind will come here.

Problem solved. Women will return to their rightful place; businesses will return to America; immigrants will stay away. What more could the Republicans and members of the tea party want?

Sandy Coutsakis