Letters to the Editor

'Positive voice control' should be eliminated

I support the letter advocating that the Hilton Head Island Town Council eliminate "positive voice control" for unleashed dogs on the beach.

In 2009, I was bitten by an unleashed dog as I walked on the beach. Even if "positive voice control" were reliable 100 percent of the time (which it isn't), I would have been bitten anyhow. There was no time to utter a word. The dog bit me as it ran past me.

The dog was worked up and excited as his owners played the throw and fetch game with him. Apparently I was in his way. It was a Saturday afternoon and the beach was crowded with people. The dog was running all over.

Get smart, Town Council. There is no such thing as "positive voice control." Eliminate it before something really tragic happens.

Janet Jenkins

Hilton Head Island