Letters to the Editor

The 47 percent not a class of moochers

Poor Mitt Romney, caught on tape saying exactly what he and many in the modern Republican Party actually believe.

It is true that 47 percent of Americans pay no federal income tax. Who are they? Most are working Americans who have no net tax burden thanks to the child credit and the Earned Income Tax Credit, both supported by Republicans.

Of the rest, most are elderly and living on Social Security, which is untaxed up to $24,000 a year (again, supported by Republicans).

The rest, about 8 percent of the total population, are living on $20,000 a year or less, many of whom have lost their jobs in the Great Recession.

In spite of these easily verified facts, Romney and many in the GOP contend that nearly half of Americans are moochers and parasites. It is this dim view of their fellow Americans that will lead straight to their well-deserved thrashing at the polls this fall.

As for this hardworking, middle class American, who incidentally pays a higher tax rate than Romney, I'll be proudly voting for President Barack Obama.

Cheryl Longshore