Letters to the Editor

Many reasons behind Obama bumper sticker

Recently a man saw my Obama sticker and rudely asked, "May I ask just WHY you are supporting Obama?" I said that I believe he is the best candidate. His further remarks were equally rude. I want now to enlarge on my response to him at the time. Perhaps he reads the newspaper.

I support President Barack Obama because he has brought us the Lilly Ledbetter Equal Pay for Women Act, the Affordable Care Act, an end to the Iraq war, a plan to leave Afghanistan, the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, the rescue of the auto industry, stimulus money to avert the financial catastrophe that he inherited, lower taxes on those in the middle with the intention to raise taxes on the rich, all while providing a steady hand in foreign affairs during troubled times.

He is respected abroad. Had the Republicans in Congress not stopped his jobs bill, more people would be employed today. He has brought us a long way toward righting the sinking ship he inherited in 2008.

Everything I have heard about Mitt Romney makes me fearful of a Romney presidency. He would drastically change Medicare, gut Social Security, repeal the Affordable Care Act, keep low taxes on the rich, and his blustery remarks about confrontation abroad are dangerous. He seems unschooled in foreign affairs. He and Paul Ryan would assault women's rights. His policy positions shift from day to day.

President Obama's leadership is intelligent, thoughtful, careful and effective. He has my vote.

Carmen Cunningham

Hilton Head Island