Letters to the Editor

Women must be heard at ballot box

Women are frequently characterized as being good listeners. But right now listening is not enough -- women need to be heard.

We have listened to the rhetoric from Republican candidates -- forcible rape, legitimate rape, the Republican Party national platform opposing abortion in any circumstance, advocating for the repeal of Roe v. Wade, the defunding of Planned Parenthood, limiting access to contraception, advocating personhood legislation that would prevent use of some birth control methods and in vitro fertilization.

As you listen to this rhetoric, do not forget that all of these legislative initiatives have one thing in common -- they make decisions for you as a woman.

For myself, my daughters and granddaughters, I do not want a president, governor or legislators at the state or national level making what should be our very personal decisions.

We have listened and now we need to be heard loud and clear at the ballot box Nov. 6.

Loretta Warden

Hilton Head Island