Letters to the Editor

Dog owners must be more responsible

It was a simple errand that took me to downtown Beaufort. As I went to enter the store, I slipped and landed on my wrist and knees. I could not imagine what I had slipped on. But right there on the sidewalk, in front of the store, was a pile of doggie poop.

I truly appreciated the many people who stepped forward to offer me a hand, but the target for this letter is the dog owner. Really? You own a pet but don't feel that your responsibility to the pet and the community extends to picking up after your dog? You don't deserve an animal. They are dependent on you for so many things, and yet when you are so cavalier about this very important matter, you have failed them, not to mention the potential you are causing for accidents.

Though my wrist is still throbbing, I am thankful I was not hurt more seriously. Your total disregard for people could also have caused my husband and me to cancel a long-planned trip. I'm sure your behavior will not change and for that I am very sad and frustrated.

But perhaps this letter will at least be a reminder to other pet owners who will carry (and use) a bag the next time they walk their pet.

Edie Smith