Letters to the Editor

Helping poor among us should be church's focus

If the religious community in Beaufort County is so intent on protecting the life of a zygote/fetus, why does that same community forget the mother and child after such birth?

Do pro-birthers believe a zygote/fetus is more important than a young child? As a Christian, I was taught, "By their fruits you will know them." The Jewish community, I know from friends, has been taught the value of life and to prove it by taking responsibility to aid the less fortunate.

We have heard a lot of sermons on abortion and birth control, but when was the last time we heard an intense one about our responsibilities to the less fortunate? In my parish, the priests' sermons dangerously advocate support of Republican candidates. Dangerous? One slight step over the line in outright support would jeopardize the tax exemption of the church.

Don't these religious leaders realize they are usurping the counsel and mandate of the Scriptures? Don't they realize in their support of the Republicans, they are encouraging passage of a budget that cuts $3.3 trillion from programs for low-income people, forcing states to cut a minimum of 14 million children, uninsured, disabled and seniors in nursing homes from Medicaid? (Center for Budget & Policy Priorities.)

A budget reflects the moral health of a nation. We should not eliminate the safety net to catch children and families who fall. The poor should not be in a competition for survival. "Beware of wolves dressed in the clothing of sheep."

Ann Rafferty