Letters to the Editor

Research candidates before making up mind

The Democratic Party in America is not the same party it was in John F. Kennedy's era.

We have watched it deteriorate into a party of hatred of those who have different beliefs. Yes, I have even been called the "enemy" by some of you.

Many of you are my friends who are life-long Democrats, and I respect that. But you don't want to hear or read anything about the president's contributions to his own failures or about the Republican plan.

I beg you to at least read about President Barack Obama's upbringing, associations, beliefs and executive orders not covered by the mainstream media. I have researched both candidates and compared their beliefs, successes and failures. Please be a responsible voter in November and research both sides. You might conclude that Mitt Romney deserves the same chance Obama was given in 2008.

Dianne Faucette

Hilton Head Island