Letters to the Editor

Experience with Republic has been positive so far

I have been disturbed by the two stories describing poor performance by Republic Waste Services, the company with which the Town of Hilton Head Island has contracted for waste and recycling pick-up. This is particularly troubling since households that have not signed up for Republic's service must do so by Sept. 30.

My experience with Republic since the contract went into effect has been stellar. No pick-up, either of trash or recyclables, has been missed. My garbage cans and recycling bin are left where they should be after each collection. The men who do this dirty job for us are always pleasant if I happen to be here to greet them on pick-up days.

I hope that my experience with Republic is the norm and not the exception and that the disagreement between the company and the town will be resolved. And I hope that householders who have not yet signed on with Republic will be reassured. Recycling is so important, and this company should be encouraged to keep doing it.

Sally McGarry

Hilton Head Island