Letters to the Editor

No facts to support false voter ID claims

A recent letter writer stated that since photo IDs were required for entry to the Democratic National Convention, why shouldn't they be required for voters.

I'm not sure where the writer was, but I was a guest at all the sessions of the DNC, where I accompanied my husband, who was a delegate. Neither of us, at any time, were asked to display any type of photo ID.

It looks as if fact checkers are needed not only for Romney-Ryan, but also for your letter writers.

This is one more example of attempts to suppress voter turnout. The nationwide Republican-Tea Party effort to stop likely Democratic voters from participating in the 2012 presidential election has been stalled, but some are still extolling it. No matter that there has been virtually no evidence of voter fraud in South Carolina or anywhere else in the U.S. Let me predict that this effort to deny citizens their most important right in a free nation will not work.

Lynne Lotz

Hilton Head Island