Letters to the Editor

Corzine, MF Global treated with kid gloves

Fact: MF Global lost more than $1 billion from customers' accounts.

Fact: Jon Corzine is the chief executive of MF Global.

Fact: Jon Corzine, former Democratic senator and governor of New Jersey, is a huge bundler for the Obama campaign.

Fact: Attorney General Eric Holder's Justice Department announced that no criminal charges would be filed against MF Global or Jon Corzine.

Speculation: Did Corzine get a free pass because he is a Democratic friend of Obama?

Speculation: Does Holder only prosecute Republicans?

Speculation: Do you think you could get away with stealing $1 billion?

Speculation: Corzine is thinking of opening a new hedge fund. Would you invest with this man?

Robert W. Schmidt

Sun City Hilton Head