Letters to the Editor

Energy policy baffling to many Americans

Can the president do more to lower gasoline prices? Here are some interesting statistics from The Washington Post:

When there is a Republican President, 73 percent of Democrats polled said the White House could do more to lower the prices. Now, with a Democratic president, the number drops to only 33 percent. A 40 percent swing.

When Republicans are polled, they switch from 47 percent with a Republican president to 65 percent with the Democratic president. A lot smaller swing, but still party bias in either case.

Many of us are stilled baffled that it made sense to this White House to risk half a billion dollars on Solyndra, a company trying to produce a product without an established market. In my book that is speculation with taxpayer money. It is apparently wrong to approve a pipeline (the Keystone Pipeline) that will transport a product that exists, to a market place where it is needed with the investment made by a private industry.

Richard Geraghty

Hilton Head Island