Letters to the Editor

Some residents' concerns matter more than others

Hypocrisy prevails. Actions speak louder than words.

Concerned about the unendurable noise that would emanate from the commercial development along William Hilton Parkway near Long Cove Club, residents there expressed their objections to the Town Council about its decision to allow that development. The council rescinded its decision.

Clearly the voices of Long Cove have more influence than the residents adjacent to Hilton Head Island Airport, who have been objecting to the expected increase of noise from the airport when the runway is extended.

Despite local politicians' stated indications that barrier walls or berms would be built to diffuse the ground noise from jets and other aircraft, this is not what is being done. It is interesting to note that berms exist between William Hilton Parkway and Long Cove for the same purpose.

It is curious how one segment of the island population is treated as opposed to others. The residents of Long Cove, some of whom own planes and have been the motivating force for airport expansion, apparently have more influence than those who live near the airport. They are able to endure the noise of the airport but cannot countenance noise near their own homes.

The dictionary definition of influence is: the power to shape policy or ensure favorable treatment from someone, especially, through status, contacts, or wealth.

Our political leaders should not forget the voters near the airport.

Donald J. Schwarz

Hilton Head Island