Letters to the Editor

Children learning about environment

One doesn't have to look further than Beaufort Elementary School to see how well a relationship between dedicated teachers and eager, knowledgeable volunteers can contribute to enthusiastic children having fun while learning about the natural habitat of our remarkable environment.

Considerable planning led to school workshops by the Fripp Island Audubon Club and the Center for Birds of Prey from Charleston, culminating in a field trip over three days to Hunting and Fripp islands. All the fourth graders, including the AMES program (Advanced Math, Engineering & Science), attended. Binoculars for the children's birding opportunities on the Fripp Island Audubon Trail were donated by the Fripp Island Women's Club.

It was, and is, gratifying to see the anticipation and excitement on the children's faces as they identified birds and other wildlife. I hasten to add that, having forgotten my lunch the first day, the children on either side of me offered to share their sandwich. Such are the joys of working with children.

Ron Manyin

Fripp Island