Letters to the Editor

Socialism breeds traits country can do without

I think the person who wrote the April 27 letter expounding the pluses of socialism and living in a true socialistic society, which sounded pretty darned good to him, was truly naive.

Most of us don't know that our country started as a socialist country with socialist ideas. The following is a true story:

When the pilgrims landed, their leaders told them they would each be allotted the same amount of land to develop and after the first year everyone would share in each other's crops. After the first year, they almost starved as each decided not to produce but rather share in the other's crops. The second year they were told the crops produced on their farms were theirs to keep, share or sell as they saw fit, consequently their farms thrived. That's how capitalism was born.

A socialistic society and its principles may sound like it would be Utopian, but it breeds laziness and no ambition. If we had continued with socialistic ideas, do you really think our country would be as great as it is today? However, if the writer is truly tempted to try out this Utopia, as he describes it, Cuba and Venezuela aren't too far from us.

Lee Sgroi