Letters to the Editor

Solution is out there for confusing signage

Some time ago, the Town of Hilton Head Island announced a plan to make traveling the island easier for tourists.

It was going to install street signs on the cross arms at intersections. This was a good idea, even for residents trying to find our way around.

However, the plan has fallen short. Many of the intersections on William Hilton Parkway bring together two different streets. Was this not recognized by our planners?

It can be quite confusing to see one street name on the cross arm when in fact two differently named streets actually are divided by the parkway.

While visiting Savannah recently, I was amazed to see its cross arms had the names of both streets that were intersected. And even better, each street name had an arrow pointing the direction of the street, left or right. This made it very easy to know which direction to turn.

It was such a simple approach. Sure, it cost more, but it solves the dilemma for motorists. Maybe Hilton Head needed to save money so the town could spend it on yet another park, such as the one recently announced near Shelter Cove. That's just more property removed from the tax rolls. The plans call for relocating the tennis courts. Is this expense the best use of tax dollars?

I can see a tax increase in the future to pay for yet another park.

I only hope people will use this one more than the Compass Rose Park, which is empty any time I drive by.

Frank Anderson

Hilton Head Island