Letters to the Editor

Parker's take on 'gay' ignores reality for many

I read Kathleen Parker's column on President Barack Obama's recent support of gay marriage and the heat candidate Mitt Romney has been taking for his prep school "prank" of having tackled a schoolmate named John Lauber, and while his buddies held the guy down, cut his hair.

According to Parker: " ... a quick primer on 1965, when this occurred. Nobody knew who was or wasn't 'gay,' a word that wasn't yet popular in circulation as a noun and generally meant 'merry.' Homosexuality wasn't on most high school kids' radar, period. If anything, Romney may not have liked Lauber's 'hippie' locks, which is the more likely case given the era."

Begging the lady's pardon, but she talks like somebody who was born yesterday. She must think that all of society during her childhood was like Ozzie Nelson and his family.

I was in high school in small town America from 1951-55, and I can assure the lady that we all thought we knew who the homosexuals were (commonly called "queers" and "homos" and a hundred other demeaning epithets) and stupid you, if you wore yellow and green on Thursday. A lot of these people got razzed and beat up just for the inference; talk about bullying.

Parker must have been raised as a hot house plant. Does she really think that until the word gay came into use, there weren't any? How naive can you get?

Gene Youtz

Hilton Head Island