Letters to the Editor

Opposing gay marriage isn't form of prejudice

In his May 14 column, Leonard Pitts Jr. suggests that those of us against homosexual marriages are living in the wrong century. (I am hearing this from other sources, too.)

I would like to explain why I and many others are against same-sex marriage.

In reading my Bible, it tells me to love my fellow man. God loves all people because the Bible says he does. Therefore, I cannot "hate" people who are different from me or who do not think as I do. However, I do believe that as a society, we will fall just as the Roman Empire did. It decayed from within.

In the Bible, Romans 2 lists all of the things God allowed men and women to do. Among them are homosexuality, greed, gossiping (read verses 24-32). All are sins. To suggest that homosexuality is new is to be ignorant of the past. As a nation, we are headed down the wrong path, and that is not just homosexuality.

Some have suggested that if one is against homosexual marriage, then the person would be against the civil rights movement and prejudiced against blacks, Hispanics, etc. That is very, very far from the truth.

God loves everybody, and many of us Christians are practicing that. What happened in the past regarding slavery and lack of civil rights, I can't undo, but I can, and will, treat all people with love as Jesus instructed us to do.

Pat Lemonds Sullivan

Hilton Head Island