Letters to the Editor

Sometimes no choice is best choice of all

As an educated, successful business man, now retired and in my mid-70s and a 20-year Hilton Head Island resident, I cannot recall ever being as disgusted with those in public service at the national level -- Democrats and Republicans alike -- as I am now.

These people were put in office to serve the public interest. Their behavior demonstrates that their focus is on their own partisan and self-centered interests.

The only long-term solution is term limits -- six years for the presidency and 12 years for Congress. Spouses and family members could not run to replace them for a period of at least six or 12 years, respectively.

Since these self-serving members of Congress will never approve legislation to make this happen, I suggest that for every position on the ballot in November, we also put "none of the above" as an option for voters. I strongly suspect that "none of the above" would be the landslide winners.

Lee M. Ozley

Hilton Head Island