Letters to the Editor

Georgia port delays squandering resources

The editorial from The (Charleston) Post and Courier published May 14 is a classic illustration of why, after more than 13 years, we are no closer to an expanded port in Savannah than ever.

Here is a list of the authorities standing in the way:

  • Georgia legislature.
  • South Carolina legislature.
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
  • Georgia Ports Authority.
  • S.C. State Ports Authority.
  • S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control.
  • S.C. Savannah River Maritime Commission.
  • Conservation groups.
  • South Carolina state Sen. Larry Grooms has jumped on the green bandwagon by characterizing the Savannah River dredging plan as a needless destruction of a shared resource. The editorial seems to suggest that the choice is just about the money -- $600 million versus $300 million -- without considering whether the entire project could be financed with bonds sold to private investors.

    How many public dollars have been squandered on litigation, studies, meetings and appointees? Who has considered the lost-opportunity cost?

    Enough already.

    Francis Newton

    St. Helena Island