Letters to the Editor

Insist candidates reveal their financial backers

Plutocracy is defined as "government by the wealthy" and "a wealthy class that controls the government."

Thanks to the Supreme Court and its Citizens United decision, there are 48 plutocrats trying to buy the 2012 election. Some are individuals, such David Koch, Charles Koch and Sheldon Adelson, who have so much money that they see elected office and even countries as pieces in a game of high stakes chess. Some of the plutocrats are multinational corporations with foreign interests or Super PACs with secret donors. Secrecy is paramount because they cannot have the American people connect the dots and reveal their greedy motives.

The Koch brothers are huge financial backers of the tea party, efforts to destroy unions and to pass "stand your ground" laws and voter suppression laws all over the country. Grover Norquist has a pre-emptive strategy of demanding that 279 members of Congress and 13 state governors (including Gov. Nikki Haley) sign a no-tax pledge, which has paralyzed government and ensures that those signers are beholden to Norquist, first and foremost.

So what are the rest of us ordinary Americans without billions of dollars to influence elections supposed to do? We still believe in democracy. We still believe that casting our vote is a civic duty. Call up your candidates and demand a list of large donors. If they refuse, tell them you will not vote for them. If all Americans did this, it would nullify Citizens United and give power back to the people.

Maggie Morse