Letters to the Editor

Beaufort High students suffer from Durbin's loss

I watched the "CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley" on May 10, and the last story of the evening about a father figure principal of a high school in a poverty stricken, primarily single-parent family area of Mississippi greatly piqued my interest.

I could not help substituting former Beaufort High School principal Dan Durbin's name for the fellow who was asked by the Mississippi school district to return as principal to inject vision, motivation and educational success into the community to help eradicate its poverty.

One young female student, with no father in her life, gave this principal a hug in the hallway, proclaiming him her daddy. That is the kind of impact that Durbin had on our kids at Beaufort High.

What a huge mistake we have made to dismiss such a valued community servant as Durbin. But we all make mistakes, don't we?

However, to not offer remedial training or to at least allow him to stay on through the end of the school year was the wrong thing to do. The impact of the decision on the kids was not at the heart of the matter. For all the good that Durbin did at Beaufort High, our kids are the ones who are still suffering.

Howard L. Bayne III