Letters to the Editor

For our country's sake, elevate political debate

The fall national election process is entering the "open sewer" stage for political media wags, who, because of a 24-hour news cycle, feel obligated to fill their time with endless commentary on mindless issues concerning candidates.

Bullying at a Michigan high school or tripping out on drugs and beer during junior-senior years of high school in Hawaii do not necessarily define personal traits of character, leadership and responsibility, which are normally developed and shaped later in life. The messengers of ill will hearken to the seedy depths prevalent during the earlier Alexander Hamilton versus Aaron Burr imbroglio. Burr, severely maligned, was defending the integrity of his daughter maliciously attacked by his opponent.

I hope the national discourse moves to more serious issues, including the economy, unemployment, immigration and border security, national debt, health care coverage, Afghanistan, the Middle East and defense issues. Our United States of America is at the crossroads of deciding what we want to be in the future, not for our benefit, but for our grandchildren and their children.

Think about it.

Jesse Iverson

Hilton Head Island