Letters to the Editor

Politics might account for left-lane abusers

The law in South Carolina related to lane use on multi-lane highways is clear.

Page 89 of the state Department of Motor Vehicles manual states: "On a highway with four or more lanes, slower traffic should always use the outside lane (closest to the shoulder). Traffic should use the right-hand lane except when passing."

I bring this up because I see large numbers of vehicles continually occupying the left (passing) lane at or under the speed limit. They typically refuse to move over, even though they are not about to make a left turn or attempting to pass the vehicles in the right lane.

I have also observed that many of these vehicles are adorned with political graffiti, such as "Bush-Cheney 04", "McCain-Palin 08," "W the President," "Tea Party Patriot," or some other right-wing extolling sticker on their car or truck. Very few of them, if any, have "I ride inside" or "Dogs against Romney" stickers on their vehicles.

These left-lane abusers (lawbreakers) are subconscious victims of their brains doing the only thing possible to compensate for the extreme right leaning of their politics; they drift to and hang in the left lane to balance the reactionary extremes of their politics.

This behavior does fit in with other selfish attitudes and ideology of those on the right, such as cutting wages and benefits for teachers, policemen and firemen to create lower taxes for those "1-percenters" who already have more than enough. Move over, please.

Doug Luba

Hilton Head Island