Letters to the Editor

Gay marriage debate sounds all too familiar

I happened to be in North Carolina a few days before the vote on a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. While listening to WBT-AM, I heard host Keith Larson plea for tolerance, equal rights and freedom for all. Shortly afterward, he received an e-mail, which he read on the air, chiding him for being "either a homosexual himself or a homosexual lover."

Whoa. Where had I heard that phrase before? It was like 50 years ago when those of us in favor of human rights were accused of being either being a "n-word" or a "n-word" lover.

It wasn't that long ago when blacks could not marry whites in most states. Now we're told that if men marry men and women marry women, it won't be long before someone wants to marry a turtle (obviously said by someone who is either a turtle themselves or a turtle lover).

Now that President Barack Obama's views on gay marriage have "evolved," he very clearly has written off South Carolina. There's no way this state will vote for anyone who believes in evolution.

Fred Seitz