Letters to the Editor

Courageous leadership needed to fix country

November offers the easiest choice since 1980. Just think about filling up your car with gas at prices twice what they were in January 2009 and a president with no energy policy. Oh, I forgot, President Barack Obama did provide taxpayer money to political cronies at Solyndra, which went bankrupt. He buys into the green myth that a modern, prosperous economy can be powered by solar panels, wind and cooking oil, while at the same time stopping the Keystone Pipeline and cutting the number of drilling leases for oil and natural gas offshore and on public lands. Meanwhile, his Environmental Protection Agency is trying to kill the coal industry in America.

The president reminds us there is no silver bullet to lower gas prices. Correct, but that is what we have heard from Democrats for decades now. Their delaying the development of domestic energy resources is why we face these energy costs today. Democrats remain self-absorbed with borrowed money for handouts and entitlements for current voters while mortgaging the nation's future. It is all about getting elected by telling the American people you can still have it all and pay for nothing.

It is unfair that middle class and poor working Americans are paying high prices for gas due to failed leadership, but it is shameful and morally wrong to continue the out-of-control spending. High deficits place an impossible burden on our children and grandchildren. We need courageous leadership that cuts spending and accepts responsibility. This is a referendum on a failed presidency.

William T. Pendley