Letters to the Editor

Americans didn't get their hoped-for change

Many Americans are beginning to rethink the hope and change we were offered in the last presidential race.

What we got from the relatively unknown candidate was a socialist with a strong, activist agenda to make fundamental changes to our way of life. For those of you who doubt that President Barack Obama is a socialist, just Google the phrase "is Obama a socialist," and you will get 29,800,000 responses.

Most people do not want a socialist running the country, and I am fairly certain that he did not tell us during the last campaign that he was going to take us further to the left than anyone else had previously dreamed of. We have more people on the public dole than ever before and millions more, both inside and outside the borders, just waiting to live the American dream on the taxpayers' dime.

Our deficit is larger than ever before, and thanks to our elected representatives in Washington, there is no meaningful plan to reduce it before our currency collapses. We need a president to fix this mess before we follow Greece, Spain, France, etc. toward bankruptcy. Also, same sex marriage is not the kind of change we were hoping for.

Don Sealey