Letters to the Editor

Taxes going to enemy; use it to help heal vets

Hearing on Fox News about billions of taxpayer dollars being sent to Islamic countries that include terrorists has totally broken my heart. It's sad to see what our president with his Islamic background is doing. The Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt intends to destroy the U.S., as do other Islamic terrorists.

If I were president I would give most American tax money to disabled military veterans to help them recover their lives. They 100 percent deserve the money for protecting the U.S.

My feeling is that many people in the president's administration are un-American. There is no doubt in my mind and heart what the man in the White House intends to do to the U.S: Do away with the world's great and most wonderful democracy. I believe if he is re-elected, he will want to change the Constitution so he can be elected for the third time.

Larry Beckish