Letters to the Editor

Leave nature alone on idyllic Harbor Island

Thanks to the recent contributor on the topic of community wildlife.

My wife and I worked many years to be able to retire to, and enjoy, one of the most wonderful places -- Harbor Island. With its natural beauty, abundant wildlife, and "paradise" feel, what could be better in one's golden years?

We love the birds, turtles, raccoons, and yes -- the foxes. Each species has its place and purpose. Eggs and their hatchlings will be predated upon, even though we would like for them not to be. It is admirable to provide assisted head starts for some of the young animals who are facing survival struggles, but we don't need individuals to engage in a campaign to eradicate foxes just because they like other species better. There have been no reported cases of rabies, or endangerment to people.

Although most individuals mean well when it comes to nature, there are those who believe, under cloak and guise of authoritative naturalist, that mankind has been endowed with godly powers to decide which species shall survive, at the deadly expense of another.

The last time I saw a fox cross the highway into Harbor Island, it was a wonderful surprise, even if it did have a rat in its mouth for dinner. Mother Nature has been doing rather well, way before our time, as it will be after us. We all should step back, take a deep breath of salty marsh air, and applaud our blessings. Common sense is in order.

Robert Carscaddon

Harbor Island