Letters to the Editor

Help US economy, needy people in world

I have had it with President Barack Obama and his party's tax and spend policies. The GOP's slash and cut policies are only slightly better as they only attempt to hold down the deficit. Neither approach moves the country's economy forward.

Here is a proposal to save America's economy:

  • Temporarily stop all foreign aid.
  • Encourage farmers to produce more crops. The government should buy the food and ship it out as foreign aid to needy countries.
  • Retrofit the Navy's mothballed fleet with storage and efficient motors so as to handle shipping the above-mentioned food. Leave some guns in case of pirates.
  • Reinvent America's Merchant Marine industry to crew the ships.
  • Open up to exploration oil and gas areas under government control. Companies doing work will post a multi-billion-dollar bond for potential accidents.
  • Challenge our scientists to create an effective and efficient desalination process and our engineers to create a way to move the water where it's needed.
  • Add back foreign aid where appropriate.
  • This plan will move the U.S. economy forward; create jobs; stimulate our brightest minds with new challenges; restore U.S. pride and confidence; help feed the world; keep our energy dollars in the U.S. instead of funding terrorists bent on destroying America's way of life; and help ensure that foreign aid is mostly given to help needy people, not greedy government officials.

    Tom Simonetti

    Hilton Head Island