Letters to the Editor

Jasper port solution safer, better for all

This letter is in response to a May 9 Associated Press story.

The story states that Georgia and South Carolina have proposed a joint port along the Savannah River in rural Jasper County, miles closer to the Atlantic Ocean than Savannah's port. This happens to be a solution that I had been thinking about but never thought would be considered.

The Savannah River is much closer to homes in South Carolina than we realize. Disturbing the wetlands, in addition to possibly harming aquatic life, could cause flooding. The Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet Canal built in New Orleans turned out to be a funnel into the city during hurricanes.

Disturbing wetlands, as we found out, can cause expensive problems. If the Jasper port is so much closer to the ocean, would it not be a much better and safer choice if the states agreed to share the port? Also dumping toxic waste on the Jasper port site does not sound like a good idea.

Diana Nadanyi

Sun City Hilton Head