Letters to the Editor

Panel made right call on house demolition

I would like to commend the Bluffton Historic Preservation Commission's pragmatic decision to allow the demolition of the Graves House.

While it was a beautiful home, it is now a broken shell and an eyesore on Calhoun Street. Had the Commission rejected the Bluffton United Methodist Church's reconstruction proposal, the Graves House would only continue to deteriorate and be a blight on the neighborhood.

Restoration is extremely expensive, especially when a building is as rundown as the Graves House appears to be. Constructing a replica is the affordable solution. The church's plan to build a replica of the Graves House in its place is the best way to return the property to its former beauty and charm.

The church gains a beautiful, productive space and the neighborhood gets a little revitalization. It's a win-win. Or as this Methodist calls it -- winner, winner, pot luck dinner.

Karen Wyld

Sun City Hilton Head