Letters to the Editor

Charter schools could help education system

I write in support of the April 28 column "We don't have to be at bottom in education" by Tom Hatfield.

His premise is to convert all of the K-12 Beaufort County public schools to public charter schools. Each school would then be run by its own board of governors and could choose how to run their own school and curriculum.

I think his suggestion of individual school boards is the right way to go and would move Beaufort County schools in the right direction.

I belong to a volunteer organization, Sea Island Regional Science Fairs, that has for several years provided science fair judges for all of Beaufort County's schools. This year, we judged hundreds of science projects at more than 30 schools. I see firsthand the level of knowledge in science and math. There is a huge difference between private and public schools; in the eight years I have been involved, most of the students that we send to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair have been from the private schools.

I have asked several teachers and administrators why science lacks support; the answer, consistently, is we cannot get science teachers. This is ironic when you consider how much the state spends on education, but as Hatfield points out, too much is spent on administrative costs. That is why I support the precepts in his column.

Chris D. Clayton

Hilton Head Island